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Madison’s Stylish Socks from Snowflakes & Sunflowers Review/Giveaway!

  A few months back I did a review for the lovely Rose from Snowflakes and Sunflowers, you can find the link to that post here. Madison was sent some more socks to try out, here’s what she got! Snowflakes and Sunflowers is a lovely online boutique which sells the most beautiful fun socks and tights for… Continue reading Madison’s Stylish Socks from Snowflakes & Sunflowers Review/Giveaway!

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Babyologist Review : Babymoov Swoon Motion

I was recently sent the Zinc Babymoov Swoon Motion for Madison to review, this is part of the BabiesRus Babyologist scheme. The Babymoov Swoon Motion comes in two colours Zinc and Aluminium, offers 8 melodies of MP3 Quality, 5 Swinging speeds, 2 rocking modes: Sideways, forwards and backwards. It also has a Motion detector on it, starts… Continue reading Babyologist Review : Babymoov Swoon Motion

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Twistshake Bottle Review + Giveaway.

  Have you ever heard of Twistshake, a bottle designed especially for babies,  I had the chance to review one for Madison. My first impressions of this bottle is it’s a anti colic bottle which i am glad about, stops babies from producing Colic. Twistshake’s offers a practical powder container makes refill completely spill-free. The powder box… Continue reading Twistshake Bottle Review + Giveaway.

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(Hallmark) Itty Bittys Review + Giveaway.



Have you ever owned such lovely characters, such as Itty Bittys. Justin and Madison had the chance to try theses funny characters direct from Hallmark. These Characters are new to the UK & Ireland but still are very popular in the USA & Australia where they have already sold out. The most popular out of all Itty Bitty’s is Batman, he’s a really huge hit to Hallmark. He was the first to go on sale out of all the characters. These’s cute soft beanie toys are a great gift to anyone’s home. Itty Bitty’s are Hallmarks most famous collectable plush toys modelled from iconic characters from Film and TV history.

Here are the 4 Itty Bitty’s that were sent to us:












As you can see from the picture below, Madison has taken a liking to all Itty Bitty’s but I think Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is her favourite.

Justin’s favourite is the amazing Batman, he didn’t want his photo done with him, which is a first for him. My most favourable one has to be Tin Man think he stands out from the rest.


Some how my 4 Itty Bitty’s have managed to get up my christmas tree as you can see from my pictures below. I reckon Justin put these’s on the tree when my back was turned.





It all started with DC Comics magazines, every comic fan knows super heroes are more powerful when they are altogether, Wonder Woman, Batman, & Superman will most definitely create a most powerful team with the Itty Bitty’s character collection.

Then the Itty Bitty’s Wizard of Oz characters started, followed by Peanuts and Scooby Doo, There is also a Santa & Reindeer christmas limited edition Itty Bitty’s to collect, you can only get them over christmas time though.

Giveaway Time


Heres a chance for a lucky reader of mine to win four Itty Bittys (Batman, Dorothy, Scarecrow & Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz).

Enter via the Rafflecopter below. UK entrants only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: We were sent theses four Itty Bitty’s to review plus give 1 lucky winner a chance to win theses lovely characters themselves, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Babyologist review – Phillips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

  As you all know I did a previous post on the Babyologist scheme for gro hush baby calmer, myself and Madison was kindly sent the Phillips AVENT Comfort Single Electric Breast Pump from Babies R Us Babyologist scheme, this product is surely proven to provide comfort for mums, Toys R Us are fully aware that… Continue reading Babyologist review – Phillips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump