Mardles (HugARmals) Dragon Review!

It’s safe to say that Madison & Justin loves a good cuddly toy to add to their collection. I have lost count of how many they have. I am surprised that they both can even fit them all in their beds for the amount of teddies they have. Like most children, they loves to their imagination and will often pretend that their toys have come to life, especially (Madison) and will create play scenarios to involve them all. They was therefore delighted when they was recently sent a gorgeous Mardles hugARmal Dragon, which can be brought to life in front of your very eyes, by using a clever and innovative app.

The Mardles hugARmal Dragon is really soft toy and features wings on its back, sparkly fur, bright blue eyes and glossy ears, making it a lovely toy to cuddle up to. It is a great product to be enjoyed by all children and it is very easy to bring the cuddly toys to life, by simply downloading the Mardles app and scanning the special badge.

The Mardles app is free to download, but also, once you have used your wifi connection to add it to your device, then it will work anytime and anywhere, whether you have an internet connection or not. I think it is great that it does not need to depend on wifi or data to be used, which means that Riley can play with his toy whenever they like.

We all managed to download the app without any issues onto my device, a Huawei P30 which runs on Android. This was really quick and simple to do and within minutes Justin &Madison was able to to enjoy playing with their interatable dragon. He scanned the badge on the dragons foot and was very quickly able to interact with the toy and make it do a whole host of exciting things on the screen. You can even stand next to the dragon on the camera and have photos taken too.

Overall we absolutely love the Mardles hugARmals Dragon and it has really helped both Justin & Madison to use their imagination in bringing the dragon to life. I really like the fact that the app is free to download, easy to use, plus it is both child and parent friendly. The cuddly toy itself stands at approximately 30cm tall, is really soft and feels a very good quality. It has an RRP of £24.99 which I think is very reasonable for a toy that can be enjoyed time and time again. We would definately recommend this to others!

***DISCLAIMER*** We was sent a Mardles (HugARmals Dragon to review all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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