Bank Holiday At Paradise Wildlife Park!

We was all invited along to the top attraction in Hertfordshire, Paradise Wildlife Park. We all chose to go over the bank holiday, as the kids were off and we was off work too. When we got their, we went over to the discovery centre where we all got our hands stamped for entry, then the kids wanted to go feed the sheep, goats and the pig so we brought some animal food from the stall, bags of food are £1.Once the bags of food was finished with we made sure the kids washed their hands as they have a little corner where you can do this.We then went to see the beautiful white lions, the male lion was on his own in his enclosure, all the females were together!I absolutely love big cats, especially the tigers, they are my favourite animal. I once worked at Paradise Wildlife Park and worked with the tigers, I loved every minute of it. I still miss it from this day on.We then went to see the cheetahs they were lazing about as it was a hot day.We then went over the see the leopards, such lovely cats!Both Justin and Madison loved the meerkats, the kids can go inside an hole and see them better, Justin pretended to be a meerkat lol.We then moved on to the Penguin’s, nearly all of them were hiding in their pens. Justin and Madison wanted to check their height against the chart behind them.After seeing the Penguin’s we went over to their restaurant as it was gone lunchtime and the kids were hungry. Have to say their food was really nice. You can also bring a packed lunch with you as they have plenty of benches to sit on and eat.After our food we went to see the dinosaurs, have to say we all loved every minute of it but Madison wasn’t so keen, crying all the way round as she didn’t like the sound of them.

We then headed over to see the monkeys/red panda as we forgot to see them on the way round the park.

After them we headed home as it was getting late in the day! We absolutely loved our visit here at Paradise Wildlife Park, you will too.

*Disclaimer* We was invited along to Paradise Wildlife Park for the day for a review visit, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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