The Kids Painted Easter Eggs With Little Brian Paint Sticks!

We all love it when Easter arrives every year especially when chocolate and eggs are involved, they both can use their imagination on something different like Paint sticks! What a great invention!

The kids were sent a lovely bundle of Little Brian Paint Sticks which included metallic colours, neon colours, mini sticks and chalk sticks, so the kids had lots of fun deciding what colours they wanted for their eggs. Unsurprisingly they both headed for the metallic colours first, Well, I was beyond impressed and delighted with how they got on. The paint works in a similar way to a glue stick – you just take off the top, wind up the bottom and get painting. Not only that, but it covered the eggs really well in a very little time – and dried in about 30 seconds! Result. This made such a huge difference as the kids wanted to, obviously, use as many different colours as they could, so it didn’t take long before one section was dry and they could cover it with another colour!

Both Justin and Madison had a fabulous time using their paint sticks – and I was really happy knowing they were quiet doing crafts together although they do fight over things from time to time, but doing this kept them quiet for about an hour, and on the plus side there wasn’t no mess either! It was really a win win situation for me. By the end of it they managed to decorate 2 lovely eggs each! I would have done more but run out of eggs. I would definitely recommend this to any parent with kids, they will have fun for hours! Madison now loves to use these for her unicorn colouring book!

Disclaimer: we was sent a bundle of paint sticks from little brian, all thoughts and pictures are my own.

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