4 Reasons Every Child Should Learn How To Ride A Bike!

Like swimming, every child should learn to ride a bike. Riding a bike is an important skill that is ideally taught to every child – allowing them to enjoy the freedoms that riding a bike can bring, right throughout their life. Although teaching a child how to ride a bike, may be accompanied by the odd temper tantrum and bruised elbow – once a child has mastered riding a bike, they will have that skill for the rest of their lives.

Having taught both my children how to ride a bike in recent years, I thought i would share a few ways in which my children have benefited from riding a bike.

It’s good fun…

Riding a bike is great fun for anyone, and even teaching a child how to ride a bike is good fun too. It’s true that cycling is one of the most rewarding forms of exercise, and allows large distances to be covered with relative ease. As children grow up, the adventures they get up to on their bikes is massive.

It keeps them fit…

In today’s society – with a huge emphasis on beating childhood obesity – cycling represents a great way for your child to keep both fit and in good shape. Research has also shown that exercise habits learn when young, stay with us throughout life – so starting them young is a great way to aid their fitness throughout their entire life. 

It’s something we can do as a family…

Cycling is a great activity to do as a full family, not only because it’s a good family bonding experience – but it also keeps us adults fit!

It will save me giving them lifts everywhere!

I was going to call this heading, ‘it’s good the environment’ but one of the biggest advantages of having my kids proficient on a bike – is that they can cycle to their friends houses, instead of asking me for a lift!

Kids Bikes do not cost the earth!

Kids Bikes are also relatively inexpensive to buy, with high quality bikes being available from a couple of hundred pounds. I purchased both of my kids bikes from Westbrook Cycles – and could not have been happier with the service, goods and delivery.

If you have any thoughts or comments about why getting children is cycling is a brilliant thing to do, leave them in the comments!

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