Keeping your carpets clean in the winter months!

Winter can be one of the hardest times of the year to keep your carpets clean. It’s wet, it snows, there is plenty of holiday time for the kids and there’s food and drink. Lots of it!  Here are a few tips which will not only help keep your carpets clean, but increase their overall longevity and lifespan by having a solid game plan for your carpet cleaning over the winter period.

Make sure outside is tidy and clean

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean, we don’t immediately think that the outdoor surroundings of our porches or doorways will negatively affect the cleanliness of our indoors. If your front door is covered in leaves and mud, this can be easily brought in on the shoes of your family and guests. By minimising dirt outside of your home, you can minimise the amount of dirt that ends up in your home.

House mats

You can never have enough house mats in the winter months. House mats are great for guests or family members to wipe or stomp any loose mud, snow or dirt from their shoes before entering your home. Best practice is to have one mat outside to get the excess debris from the shoe, and another mat just inside the door where your visitors can remove their shoes and inspect them for any other loose particles. This will help protect your carpet from all the dirt and grime that comes off dirty shoes in the winter.

Use a brush for mud

 “So many people run for a cloth and the kitchen sink when the kids or pets bring mud in on to the carpet.” says Maddie Willis from AAAClean – a professional carpet cleaning company in Kent.  “The best thing to do if you get mud on your carpet, is simply wait for it to dry then use a dustpan and brush to loosen up the mud from the carpet pile. Finally run a vacuum over the area to pick up the remaining loose dirt particles from your carpet.“

Lose the shoes!

One of the best and most obvious habits you can get the whole family doing in the winter is to always remove their shoes when they enter the house. This will greatly reduce the amount of stains and wear that your carpet has to endure. Simply place a shoe rack at the front door and remind your kids and visitors to kindly remove their shoes when coming into your property. Trust me, your carpets will thank you for it.

 Vacuum and clean on a regular basis

 You will have already noticed that the amount of cleaning you’re doing in the winter months is more than usual. Mud, snow, rain and dirt stains require you to be much more diligent with your vacuuming and spot cleaning. The moment you notice more mess come in, ensure you clean it up before the problem gets bigger. Regular vacuuming, whether winter or summer will always help guard against ground-in stains.

 Plan for your pooch

Dogs can be a bit of a problem to carpets in the winter season. They get extremely excited and are always in a hurry to get indoors away from the cold. Most dogs, unless you have them seriously well trained will run through the house before you get the chance to wipe their paws. It’s a nice thought that your four-legged friend will respect your carpets as much as you do, but unfortunately, in most cases, this will be the last thing on their mind. A good plan of action is to put up a gated area for when your dog enters the home. This way you can clean their paws before your dog enters the house allowing you to keep your carpets stain free from muddy feet for another day.

User runners

A great way of protecting your carpets is by putting runners down in heavily trafficked areas of your home. From doorways to hallways, in the kitchen or even in front of the couch. Runners will take the brunt of the dirt if a family member or guest forgets to take their shoes off in these high footfall areas. This helps to keep your carpets clean and makes life a lot easier when trying to tidy up. Simply pick up your runner, give it a shake outside and you’re back in business!

Park your car in the garage

 If you are lucky enough to have a garage, make sure that you park your car in it! By parking your car in the garage you can avoid any dirty snow, slush or mud by not having to walk through it. Just plan to park your car in the garage on a daily basis and you will avoid all of the dirt and debris from the outside and so will your carpets!

I hope these tips and tricks have helped you prepare your carpets for the upcoming winter months. What with the recent heavy snow warnings – I thought these would come in very helpful!!

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