How to Set A Positive Example As A Parent!

You probably don’t notice how in tune your children are with your life and habits until they try to repeat something you said or mimic something you did. As their first example of what a human being should be, how they should live, and what they should aspire for in life, naturally, you want to set a good example. Yet, as old habits and ways die hard, it can be sometimes challenging to figure out where to start. Below, are a few suggestions on how you can be a positive example to your kids.

Let Go of Vices

Life isn’t easy and there are pressures of being a parent that can sometimes make you feel like you’ve gone insane. It’s pretty common for adults to use vices like alcohol, illicit drugs, and prescription painkillers to get through the day or relax after a difficult one. A drink here and there won’t hurt, but if your dependency has become an everyday thing, you could have developed an addiction. Whether you’re struggling with an opioid addiction, alcohol addiction or you can’t seem to put down those cigarettes, you should get help.  You can find addiction help in southern California and just about any other state on the east or west coast. Look for a program that works well with your personal schedule while also allowing you to kick those vices for good.

Maintain Positive Relationships

Who you surround yourself with can have a grave impact on who you become as a person and how well your life turns out. You can set a positive example for the kids by doing your best to maintain positive relationships. Not only should they see you and their dad being respectful of each other’s wants and needs, communicating effectively, and working as a team, they should see positivity in all your relationships from your family to your friends. If there are toxic relationships, remove them from your life as your child could grow up to believe that is how they should be treated or what they should expect in a relationship.

Practice Healthy Living

Exercising and eating well-balanced meals is another way to set a good example for your children. It teaches them the importance of prioritizing their health. It also reduces the risk of weight-related health complications like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. You can allow the kids to pitch in with the cooking so they too know how to prep nutritious meals. You can also walk the dog as a family or head to the park and play sports for some physical fitness.

Work Hard

Everything in life worth having has to be worked for – and hard. Whether you own a business or work at some corporate office, your children should learn from you how to be a hard worker. Show them how to find something they’re passionate in and work at it until they’ve reached a level of success they’re satisfied with. Take your kids to work with you, talk about your day at work during dinner, and as they get older, give them advice on career paths.

Keep Family First

Here’s a lesson your children should learn early on, family always comes first. When the outside world seems to be against you, when things are tough, your family is always a source you can turn to. Make it a priority to put your family first. Find a balance that allows you to get work done, but also spend a decent amount of time with your loved ones. Go on vacations, host movie nights, eat dinner together daily, just make sure that the love of family is at the center of attention.

Your children are paying attention to you, likely more than you know. If you want them to grow up and be good, contributing citizens of society, it is imperative for you to set the foundation. While some of this is done through verbal lessons and communication, much of it requires you to lead by example. Take a look at your life and the example you’re presently setting. As needed, start making changes that will ultimately benefit you and your children in the long run.

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