Children & Stairs: Preventing Accidents & Falls!

When you are a parent, you will realise that most things can become a danger zone for your children. Everyday things can become lethal, and without wrapping your kids up in cotton wool too much – there’s a number of safety measures that need to be taken. One of the most dangerous areas of any household is the stairs., which can be frustratingly attractive for children to climb.

Of course, baby gates are one way of assisting in stairway safety – and below, I run through some of the other measures to make sure I keep my mischievous kids safe and sound.

I always keep stairs completely clutter free – helping avoid trips and falls for both adults and children, whilst making sure there are no distractions which attract children to the stairs, in the first instance.

Get the baby gates up in good time – I put up my baby gates when my children first started to move around on their own, making sure there’s an effective barrier in place.

Make sure that there is a handrail in place, which is at a height which can be used by your child. If possible, install double handrails on each side of the staircase for extra support.

Keep the stairs in good condition – I always check for worn or torn carpet on the stairs, keeping them in excellent condition and hazard free.

Close open backed stairs, when we first moved into our home – we had open back stairs which looked great, but were a risk for little toddlers to climb through. These were very quickly closed off!

Make sure there are no missing spindles – spindles play a vital part in keeping your staircase safe, they make sure that children cannot fall through the side of the stairs.

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