3 Ways To Use Mirrors In Your Home!

Those of you who follow my blog, will know that I am going through a series of home improvements – gradually sorting out everything from the garden shed to the kitchen space. Although there is a lot of work going on, there’s also a couple of rooms which I have just updated – using a few tips, tricks and elbow grease to create an update, and ‘fresher’ looking room. These updates have included everything from a bit of wallpapering, to painting a few walls, changing carpets and updating furniture and during this process, I have learn that for me – it’s the smaller accessories in a room which make the biggest impact and across both my living room, master bedroom and spare bedroom – I have used mirrors to great effect – increasing both light, functionality and style in the process.

Below, I run through a couple of the mirrors I have used – how I have used them, and what the end result has been.

Bedroom – Large Mirror

In our bedroom, I have placed a large mirror – which has effectively added light, and the feeling of space in the room. Full length, it’s also ideal for getting ready in front of! I have this mirror next to my hairdryer and other bits, so it’s in the ideal location for everything from getting ready for work, to getting the kids sorted out. I chose a classic style of mirror, with only a touch of decorative edging.

Living Room – Wall Mirror

I chose a large, contemporary wall mirror for our living room – due to the fact that the room itself is not massive and I felt it needed lightening up somewhat. The result has been really good, and the kids have even being freaked out on the odd occasion thinking that the room was double it’s size, so mission accomplished!

Spare Room – Designer Mirror

The spare room in our home is pretty small, and I always want guests to feel like that they have stayed in a hotel when they visit our house, so the finishing touches to this room are mega important, as well as quality fresh bedding! The Funky Circles Mirror suited all of my requirements brilliantly.

All of the mirrors were supplied, with excellent service by Decorative Mirrors Online.


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