The New Game Review!

Thanks to the recent upturn in the weather, the BBQ has been out most weekends – and we have had the opportunity to invite the neighbours over, as well as their children for a few parties in the garden.  These garden parties usually involved tiring the kids out as early as possible, so us adults can then enjoy a few quiet drinks in the garden, whilst the BBQ slowly fizzles out.

To make things a little more interesting, I bought ‘The News Game’ to play with our friends and family, in an era of ‘fake news’ it seemed like the perfect game to buy from one of the local shops in the town. The game is beautifully simple too, one person just reads out a headline – whilst the rest of us try and guess whether it’s real news, or fake news.

To keep things interesting, there are over 100 questions/headlines within the game – and the card game is the perfect fit for fans of current affairs, general knowledge and quiz questions. There are no complicated rules, and the game makes time absolutely fly by, with some hilarious results.

The News Game, can be purchased from a wide range of gift shops, and is supplied wholesle by Paladone.

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