The Mum’s Cleaning List: Marie’s Essentials!

The home can certainly take a bit of a battering when you have children, there’s often a million things happening at once, which can disrupt day to day tasks, with housework very quickly very quickly being neglected. Below, I run through my top 5 cleaning products, that I could not live without in my busy home environment. All have been chosen on account of their effectiveness, as well as their ease of use.

Air Freshener

It does not matter how clean your home is, if it does not smell clean & fresh – then it’s never going to feel as clean as it should! My favourite fragrances are ones which eliminate smells, as well as leaving a fresh scent, which is not overbearing. A spray once a day, usually does me fine and combats the smells of children & husbands pretty well – especially around shoes!

Anti Bacterial Cleaner

Antibacterial, Multi Purpose Cleaners are an absolute dream product. They can be used across any hard surfaces, and are regularly used by me across everything from bathrooms, to bedrooms and the kitchen. These cleaners effectively remove dirt, grime and bacteria – without leaving together any harmful residue.

Blue Roll

I first discovered blue roll at work, and have used it since. It’s the ideal product for mopping up everything from cat litter trays, to children’s ‘spillages’ incredibly resilient, this roll is also perfect when used for cleaning. Although it may seem a little alien, having a massive roll of industrial strength tissue paper in the home at first, it very quickly becomes a staple.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser is a staple product of mine, and is essential when out & about with the kids. Whether it’s before they eat, or after they use the toilet – a quick squeeze is all that is needed to protect them from germs & infection.

Washing Powder

One thing every parent will very quickly learn, is that everything needs washing A LOT. Whether it’s the kids sports kits, school uniform, clothes covered in mud – and even my clothes which the kids manage to spill & stain – the noise of the washing machine is an almost constant in our home.

Cleaning Supplies 4 U

All of the above can very quickly add up to a lot of money in supermarkets, which is why I choose to buy all my cleaning supplies online – enjoying trade pricing with fast delivery.

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