Madison’s 3rd Birthday Unicorn Cake!

Last week we celebrated Madison’s 3rd birthday with a lovely BBQ as the weather has been really kind to us, we had all our family round to celebrate her 3rd birthday. Madison is into Unicorn’s at the moment, so we made sure she got what she liked. I spoke this lovely lady called Jay on Instagram who makes cakes as a hobby, I asked her if she could possibly make her a Unicorn cake for her birthday, she accepted! I got the ears, eyes and horn plus ribbon, she did the rest!

My first thought on the looks of the cake itself is that it looked lovely, to good to cut to be honest. My family thought that it looked gorgeous and couldn’t wait to taste it. After the BBQ we sang Happy Birthday to Madison and then we all got to taste the cake.

After I cut different pieces of the cake for my family to enjoy to find all different colour layers inside it, the cake itself tasted really moist, the icing was a bit thick on the outside of it that could of done with being a bit thinner but still tasted really nice. All my family said it tasted like an Angel Cake!

I would love to thank Jay for all her hard work that she did doing this cake, especially in the heat we have had, I would definately recommend her to anyone that needs a cake done.

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