7 Bad Drivers On The UK Roads!

Everyone has their faults on the road and a new study has revealed there are deadly sinners on UK roads. It doesn’t matter if you speed, skip traffic lights or park up the kerb, you’ll fall into one of these categories. TAILGATING, speeding, cutting someone up at the roundabout – the list of bad driving habits of Brits goes on.

1. Boy Racer

The young male driver who you’re likely to catch speeding down residential roads and committing multiple speeding offences in a pimped-up high-powered car.

2. Sunday Driver

Sunday is the one day of the week that these drivers spend out on the roads, often driving an old banger.

Usually they’re off to church or to see their grandkids, and travel well below the actual speed limit.

It can be hugely frustrating to be stuck behind one.

3. Mum in a Hurry

Busy mums are always zipping about between school, football practice or dance lessons.

Their car is most likely a complete tip, with sweet wrappers, muddy boots or baby changing equipment strewn across the vehicle.

4. Amber Gambler

When these chancers see the lights change from green to amber their first thought isn’t to slow down, but instead hit the accelerator and prey that they miss the red light.

Mostly they get it spot on, but if two Amber Gamblers meet at a junction it can be carnage.

5. Just Passed

These motorists never put a foot wrong, and would be too scared to even think about driving over the speed limit.

6. Know it all

Know it alls can recite the entire highway code from memory, and take great pleasure in pointing out mistakes.

7. Short Fuse

These are the dangerous drivers who can be a real menace to other road users, mostly but not always male, they regard overtaking as a personal slight.

If you needed to call the dvla of any sort for bad driving you can find the link attached to this post!

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