Replacing The Shed Roof!

It’s that time of year again, where we are out in the garden and looking for DIY tasks to complete before the bad weather of the autumn & winter returns. Last year we spent a lot of time doing home improvements inside the house, and certainly neglected outside of the house – so one of the first things to have a look at is both the shed roof!

Our shed roof has been re-felted so many times I have lost count, if it’s not leaks through rips and tears (god knows how they happen) it’s the surface of the felt being compromised thanks to the great british weather. Replacing this felt on average every 4-5 years, it’s simply not worth the risk anymore, especially now the kids bikes, and our lawnmower is stored in there.

Having read up online, we are going to switch to an EPDM roof, which although sounds massively technical – is actually pretty straight forward. EPDM (Ethylene Diene Monomer) is a popular choice for roofing jobs all over the world, with it being resistant to weather and UV rays. It’s completely resistant to weather damage as well as chemicals.

We came across EPDM Roofing, via a website called Apex Roofing Supplies. The team there stated that we could expect a 50 year lifespan from the new roofing, and with it only been a small surface area on the shed roof, talked us through the DIY job, so that’s the weekend plans sorted!

The roofing kit is on it’s way, and I will keep you posted with progress.

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