The Flight Is Cancelled – What Happens Next?

Absolutely no one wants to hear the dreaded words come over the Tannoy. “Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that BA flight AB123 has been cancelled. Please await further instructions.” What a nightmare! People have work tomorrow, the kids are going bananas, and everyone is tired and frustrated. Because of these issues, it’s easy to lose your temper and shout and scream. Of course, there are hundreds of other people doing the same and the scene descends into anarchy.

Here’s what you should do instead. Warning: these tips are by no means easy to follow. However, if you can, the process should go somewhat smoothly.

Wait And Listen

Because the whole plane is sat near the gate, the rumours will begin to fly. “She just told me that there wouldn’t be a replacement flight,” and “We’ll be delayed by up to four hours. These are the comments of disgruntled customers who want information and who are getting nothing but scraps. As a result, these people may not be the best sources of info. Always get the tale from the horse’s mouth – the airline itself. Once the situation has died down, calmly approach a customer service advisor and ask for a breakdown.

Ask For Relief

Because of their negligence, you are stuck in an airport with nothing to do. Aside from you being bored, so are the kids but they won’t see sense. To keep them quiet, you’re going to have to find ways to entertain. Hopefully, they will have iPhones and iPads and there will be charging points. However, they’re going to need feeding, as are you and the rest of the party. So, don’t be afraid to ask for some form of compensation such as a meal voucher. It’s a small gesture yet one which makes a big difference to families with tight purse strings.

Check Hotel Availability

Sadly, there’s a chance that there won’t be a replacement service and that you’ll have to spend the night. The first choice, obviously, is the hotel airport but they only have a limited number of rooms. Whether it’s the Residence Inn Montreal Airport or the CitizenM at Charles de Gaulle, they can’t house everyone. To make sure you don’t have to trek into the city, keep an eye on the listings and the prices. You can even book one free of charge with no deposit needed on certain sites. It’s an ingenious plan to have in your back pocket.

Keep A Record

Depending on the length of the delay, a free food voucher isn’t going to cut it. You are going to need, and deserve, proper compensation. Obviously, the airline won’t accept applications without sufficient evidence as there is a chance it is a scam. So, whatever you do, don’t throw anything away which relates to the flight. This goes for everything from meal receipts to airport hotel rooms and transport tickets. All of the latter are liable for repayment so put them in a safe place.

Finally, anyone who desperately needs to go home can book a seat on another flight.

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