Mardles – Augmented Magic Masks That Come To Life – Review!


A week ago we was kindly sent the Mardles Augmented Magic Masks to try out, we was sent the bird of paradise, donkey, lion and elephant masks . Each come in a separate resealable packets (which were really easy to open/shut) as soon as we opened them Justin & Madison couldn’t wait to try them all out.

The Magic Masks are one size that fits all, but the masks look liked it was far to big for Madison’s head who is 2 years old. However once on and adjusted it fitted perfectly and didn’t budge, this was the same for my 6 year old son Justin, I even gave it ago, it was so much fun. Justin to a liking to the bird of prey mask but also tried on the elephant one too. Madison loved the donkey mask, she didn’t want to take it off.

How it works:

To get the Mardles Magic Masks to work, you need to download the free app available at the Apple App Store, Google Play. The app took no time to download and is compatible with the other Mardles product range such as the stickers and new Mardles Stories. Once the app is open you simply point it at the mask ( you got to make sure that you’re child sits still for a couple of seconds) and watch as the mask comes to life in a 3D animation, complete with sound affects with each of the animals doing something different which I thought was brilliant!  The app also has a selfie function, photo capture so that the user can see the magic masks in action.

We would highly recommend the magic masks to anyone, great used when dressing up for parties etc, priced at £3.99 each.

I have to say it was not just both my kids who were mesmorised by them. My Mum and Sister were round that day we was trying them out and both were in complete wow when the animals suddenly popped on to the screen and couldn’t wait to pop the masks on and have a go themselves.





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