3 Reasons To Have A Family Photoshoot!

3 Reasons to have a Family Photoshoot

This week, I have been looking through some old family photographs (the real kind, not ones stored in the cloud!!) and have realised how precious some of those memories are. They cannot be lost if a phone breaks, but they can be looked at, treasured, framed and passed down from generation to generation. In today’s busy lifestyle however – juggling kids, work and the remnants of a social life – it can be difficult to remember to book in a family photoshoot every couple of years, to document how your family is growing.

Below, I look at five reasons to get your family booked in for a photoshoot immediately.

Life Happens

The old adage of ‘Life Happens when you are busy making plans’ certainly rings true. Whilst we may not like to admit it, or even think about it for that matter – but there will be a time when family either passes away, or moves away – which makes things like a family photo shoot impossible.

Seize the moment, and record some memories!

You are Creating Family Heirlooms

Pictures transport us back to when they were taken, and although it’s great having pictures on your phones and computers – nothing compares to having a photograph in your hand. Booking a photoshoot means that you are guaranteed high quality, professional photographs which you can pass down for generations to love and cherish.

Besides, you have to show all of the baby photographs to your childs boyfriend/girlfriend when the time comes!

It’s Fun!

It’s all too easy to justify getting a Family Photoshoot because of the future advantages – having a collection of professionally taken photographs to look back on for example. That’s why it’s also really important to remember that having a photoshoot for you or your children is incredibly fun, from cake smash shoots for toddlers, to theme superhero shoots for the more boisterous boys and girls – it’s an incredibly fun thing to do at all ages.

A Lot of the information used in this article has come from of Middlesbrough & Leeds, who have two studio’s specialising in a wide range of excellent photoshoots. Keep up the good work!

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