Have You Chosen The Right Tyres For You’re Car?

Finding the right tyres for your car will help you enjoy your driving experience more and keep you safer on the roads. It’s required by law to replace tyres when the tread depth reaches 1.6mm or less and manufacturers often imprint wear indicators in their tyres which become visible when the tread gets worn out and need replacing.  This is the right time to decide on the needs of your driving style, road conditions and budget in terms of choosing the right tyres for your car.

So what tyres do you need?

Before you begin searching for your next set of tyres, you should make sure to know which tyres you have on your car now and the best source of this information is the car manufacturer’s specifications.  These provide details of the recommended tyre size, road speed and high speed required for your vehicle.

If you don’t have that information to hand, tyres also have their dimensions marked on the sidewall.  Since the primary function of tyres is carrying weight, you should buy the tyre with the same load index as the original one. For example, the following letters might be on the side of your tyre.

Meaning of a Car Tyre!

P – This indicates that the tyre is for a Passenger vehicle.

205/65 – This indicates the tread width (205mm) and the 65 part is the aspect ratio of the tyre wall to the tread width.

R – This indicates the construction of the tyre, in this case Radial.  There are also cross-ply and these types shouldn’t be mixed on the same axel, e.g. left and right front tyres should use the same type and so should the left and right rears.

95 – This shows the Load Index of the tyre, i.e. the maximum safe weight that the tyre is designed to support ranging from 60 to 130.  These correspond to weights of 250kg to 1900kg.

V – This indicates the speed rating from letters L to Y which correlates to speeds from 120 to 300 kilometres per hour.

It’s vital to check the health of your vehicles tyres on a regular basis. Tyres that are showing signs of being damaged or look worn are actually illegal, although a lot of people aren’t aware of this. Keeping your tyres in check is a simple task when you look at the possible outcomes. If you’re unsure of whether or not to replace the tyres on your vehicle then it’s best to seek professional advice. If you need to look for replacements then companies like TyrePlus stock a wide range of tyres, varying in price.

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