Logojoy Review- How To Create A Quality Logo!

So I thought it’s time for a change as Madison isn’t a baby anymore, so a new logo would be lovely and what better place to go than LogoJoy.
The site is so easy to use and the designs are absolutely amazing and all customisable too! Honestly this site took me by surprise on how easy it is to use, not like all those other complicated sites, its really simple and easy to use, just what I like!

I started off by entering my brand name, Mariesbeauties,  it then asked me to choose some logo designs that I liked, I chose the 5 I liked and  then carried on by choosing a colour scheme (this is optional), a slogan (also optional) and finally a few different symbols that match up with your site.





After I did all of that magically my brand name appeared as a logo with the symbol and slogan I chose in a large number of  different designs, the colours were vivid but very professional and the designs were high quality and tailored just for me, all of the designs were available to edit, including font, size, colour and symbols, There was so many to choose from and so many that I loved too! Trust me you’ll find it hard to pick just one! Out of all of them though I had help from from the Enterprise package they offer to sort out my logo as opposed to the premium package.  I wanted a different background to my new logo as apposed tothe generated logos,  I told them what I wanted and they sorted it for me in a flash.

This is the finished version of my new logo from Logojoy, I can’t thank them enough for helping me out with it, especially Kaejon, one of the designer that made this logo possible. Thanks again.

***This is a review post for Logojoy, all thoughts and opinions are my own.***


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