Green Ways To Clean Your Kids Toys!

Cleaning up a child’s toys is actually something very important to remember, especially when you realize the unhealthy habits that every kid has. But how do we do it, it would be a nightmare to wash every individual construction block, sure, it would make more sense to give bath to a plush toy, but we should remember not to do it if they have batteries, and other the soft fur, the toys are actually a mechanical skeleton.  Even if the toy isn’t entirely mechanical, if it’s one of the squeezing ones that sing, it has a sound box inside, and getting them wet is not going to have a good result. So lets figure out how to clean these and some other toys up, and of course, lets make sure to know how to clean them in a Green way.

Before exploring how to clean the different types of toys, lets discuss why the toys need to be often cleaned. You have to recognize when the toys are dirty and make it a priority to clean them. The child has direct contact with the toys, and they end up in places that lack hygiene. This creates a factor for a child getting ill. The littlest ones explore the world through touching and tasting, and there are all sorts of germs that can end up in their system through the dirty toys. So if your child is getting ill, while searching for a reason, perhaps take a look at the toys and you may find it.

First, lets find out how to clean rubber and plastic bath toys. So, considering that the toys are in a place where there is often moisture, they can get moldy, so to prevent mold, they need to dry. You can get a bath net to store the toys, or you can improvise and use a net from store bought fruits like oranges. With the bath net, the toys will be suspended away from water and will be able to dry easily. If the toys have caught mold, then you will need to thoroughly wash them, after that, soak them in a tub of water mixed with white vinegar. If the toy is a rubber ducky for example, squeeze it to let some of the water in and leave them for the night. The next day, just rinse them and they are ready for the next bath.

Here are some tips provided by Tidy London – to clean small plastic toys that don’t have electronics, put them in a mesh bag and after that in the dishwasher and wash them on normal settings. You can add eucalyptus oil if you wish. Another way to do it is again putting them in a mesh bag to have them all in one place, and put them in a small tub filled with three parts warm and soapy water and one part vinegar. It won’t be as strong as with the dishwasher, but the results will be decent.

Washing stuffed, plush toys is easy, just do the same as the plastic toys where you put them in a mesh bag, or in this case, you can use a pillow case and placed them in the washing machine. After washing up on the setting that are shown on the label of the toy, hang them up for drying. You can point a fan at them, so they would dry quicker.

For toys that can not get wet – plush toys with glued on parts, toys with electronics in them and so on, should be hand washed. You will need a small tub, detergent and warm water. Mix the detergent with water and dab a towel, but don’t overdo it with the dabbing, and after that, scrub the toys. Drying is done the same way as the stuffed toys. And the plastic ones can be suspended in a mesh bag.

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