I’m a busy Mum of two. Justin who’s 5 and Madison who’s 2. I’ve compiled this Christmas Gift Guide – Gift for kids to help you find gifts for the little ones in your family this year – I hope you find it useful!









Image Credit – Letter from Santa

A letter from Santa is a great way to get little one’s excited for the festive period and help all your gift planning be worthwhile! You can get a letter from Santa from Magic Santa Letter and best of all if you use my code S25OFF you can get a 25% discount! Letters start from £4.99.

 Image Credit – What2buy4kids

This cute Happy Hopperz Red Deer is perfect for helping Santa deliver the Christmas presents but is so much fun, kids will enjoy playing with it any time of year, in stock for £21.99.

This Christmas surprise game has lots of bright colours and fun shapes, kids will love decorating the tree and packing the presents into Santa’s sack.

Suitable for 2-4 players, the set includes four reversible playing boards, 24 presents and 24 bauble pieces, two special dice and full instructions. In stock now for £10.99.

Image Credit – Bladeztoyz, Peppa Pig Inflatable Night Light

The Peppa Pig Inflatable Night Light Sleep Trainer is 3 toys in 1! For day time play Peppa wobbles, bops and bounces back, with lights, sounds and phrases – even the Peppa theme tune! When it’s time to call it a day, Peppa glows with a warm reassuring light for 10 minutes, but that’s not all. Set the time that you want your child to get up. Give Peppa a tap and if it’s still night time she shows the time and a moon on her tummy, but after the set ‘Wake-up’ time the moon changes to a sun – hooray it’s time to wake up and play again! This retails at £29.99.

Image Credit – Top Trumps

Winning Moves International LTD Top Trumps retro exotic sports cars

Card game, categories are: Engine, Capacity, Cylinders, HP, RPM, 0-60MPH, Speed, Length, Width, Height and Weight.

2 to 6 players, 6+ years

This retails at £8.00

Image Credit – Shnooks

Pop the bubbles, shake, and bring your new best friend to life. Shnooks magically grow 8 times in size from their unique shnubble- bubble pack! Style their hair, love them and they’ll SHNOOK after you! Shnooks come with a comb, friendship hair-clip and more surprise accessories to keep everyone SHNOOKING good, their’s 6 to collect. This retails at £5.00

Image Credit – Zuru Mayka Toy Block Tape

The Mayka Toy Block Tape instantly transforms virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks, figures and accessories. So discard those boring old toy block base plates and take your building and creativity to new heights! Build around corners, up walls and on all your favourite objects to MAYKA 3D brick world! Retails at £11.99.

Image Credit – Zuru Tangle Sparkle

Tangle is one of the most highly recommended educational and therapeutic toys worldwide for an incredibly wide range of Special Needs populations. The shape, color, texture and visual impact of Tangle stimulates the brain and makes Tangle a fun and functional toy! Theirs 4 different types to collect.







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