Bathroom Suites From Designer Bathroom Store!

Bathrooms are an incredibly well used room in my home, kid’s bath times – my ‘relaxing’ bath times and the husband’s showers means that the room is in almost constant use from morning tonight. Which is exactly why I have been spending more time thinking about giving either a refresh or a complete upgrade.

In my research, I stumbled across Designer Bathroom Store. Receiving good reviews on, I decided to give them a call and run through some options. They were incredibly helpful and talked me through some of the products I could use to either a) replace my bathroom suite or b) update some parts of it. They were incredibly helpful, considering how early I am in the buying cycle at the moment.

I am leaning towards just replacing my Toilet & Basin and taps, which are starting to look pretty tired. Designer Bathroom Store have tons of these suites available, and although the products are ‘designer’ they are all extremely well priced, and come with length guarantees.

I will keep you all posted with my decision!

You can view the Designer Bathroom Site and all of their products here:

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