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Scary Peeper – Fright At First Sight -Review/Giveaway!

A couple of day’s ago we was sent a Scary Peeper to try out in advance of Halloween, I have got to say that this is the scariest product that we have ever reviewed, I have got to warn you that you may have a bit of a shock opening the box up. The Scary Peeper window prop is good as an outdoor Halloween decorations, ideal for haunted house displays and parties! This peeping tom is a fantastic Halloween scary mask that looks creepy. New to the Halloween Props UK market. 

This item comes with a suction cup to attach to the window, transparent to make it less obvious and more lifelike. We set this up while the kids were playing, I have got to say that they definately got a shock when they saw it! We are planning to put it in our bedroom window for Halloween so that trick or treaters can see it as they approach our flat.

Justin has took a shine to scary peeping Tom and keeps asking me when we can put it in the windows to scare people, I have to keep telling him not until Halloween.


Here’s your own chance of winning this Scary Peeper, all you have to do is enter our Giveaway below:


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