Hey Like Wow Vitamin Water – Review!

I will never forget the day that my kids discovered a box of Coca Cola cans we kept in the garage, for visitors. At first I didn’t realise anything was wrong until the kids went absolutely hyper active running around the house like wild banshees. It was at that point I thought – NEVER EVER are they going to touch the stuff again, let alone drink 5 cans each. It’s not only the hyperactivity it causes which worries me either, all of that sugar is really bad for their teeth, which is why it always worries me when I see kids walking out of school with energy drinks at the end of the school day.

In an effort to discover something new, and healthy for my kids to drink (water’s just too boring) I discovered Hey Like Wow, and got in touch with them – they were good enough to send out a few free samples for the kids (and me) to try. Below are my findings:

The Packaging

The packaging looks fantastic, and is bright enough to ensure the kids know they are drinking something fun and interesting! There’s a really cool sports cap which releases the vitamins as the liquid is passed through the cap, which is apparently really good for delivering all of the goodness within the bottle.

The Taste

All of the flavours are really nice, with my favourite being the Lemon & Elderflower with the Orange being the most popular with the kids. The main thing for me is that the drink does not taste in any way artificial, despite being sugar free.

The Vitamins & Ingredients

The range we tried boasted 33% RDA of Vitamins B6, C and D. I also like the fact that (with no scientific backing) that I am not giving my kids 5551522544125% of their daily vitamins – the amounts of vitamins in the drink seem really well balanced, and offer a boost to vitamin intake rather than an overload.

You can view the full range on their website at:

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