5 Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries!

Us as a family of four love to try and save on shopping, so when the lovely people behind the #CNUKFrugalFoodie campaign got in touch with us to see if we wanted to get involved, we instantly thought that we could share our top 5 easy ways to save money on groceries with you. Shopping for groceries is something we all need to do. Unfortunately, inflation is a fact of life, and food inflation means that your budget will continue to stretch related to your trips to the grocery store.


  1. Shop around to see what best deals you can get in different stores, don’t assume that everything you get in every store is the same price because it’s not.
  2. Make a grocery list for the week and make sure you stick to it. Use what you have in you’re cupboards before thinking of buying something else.
  3. If you just buy on a regular basis then make sure you check the food’s expiry date before buying anything else. I would definately consider stocking up when the item is on sale. We love to buy in bulk. Just make sure you pay attention to expiration dates and rotate through your stock at home. 2-for-1 offers are always a good deal if you really love the two items and actually use them. Don’t buy anything you don’t need just because you think you’re making a bargain on yourself.
  4. Try to avoid processed and “convenience” food since the prices are higher than the cost of the ingredients you get to make at home.
  5. Figure out which items really do fit your taste better, and focus on those. If the quality is good, there is no reason to pay extra just for a name on a label.

     Most of the supermarkets have some sort of loyalty scheme for their customers. Collect points, rewards and get offers via email or post. Simply call the customer service hotlines for Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons to get your bonus/clubcard card sent to you.

*This post was written in collaboration with ContactNumberUK*

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