Soft On The Soul: A More Comfortable Bedroom Style!

The bedroom should be the one place in your entire home, where you feel most at ease. It should, therefore, be the most comfortable and soft room, purely by style. But what makes a bedroom? It’s not just the bed itself; the room should be a haven, where you can let your hair down, get in your pajamas and have your tired body supported and soothed. Whether it’s the right amount of pillows and the materials, they’re made from, or the decor that doesn’t give you a backache from long hours of working on the computer, a bedroom should be personalized to your personality. You should also feel cocooned from the outside world, but there’s a fine line between snug, and smothered.

Soft on the sole

A bedroom rug would be a great addition to your room. Most carpets made for the average home are going to be there purely for insulation and at best mild comfort. They’re usually made from a synthetic material such as nylon or polyester, but over time, they harden due to continuous compression from many years of use. A woollen bedroom rug could be placed between your desk and your bed, to bridge the gap. Soothing to your toes and soft on the soles of your feet, the supple wool would be a great island of comfort, during the upcoming autumn months.

Cuddle and support

Additional pillows that complement the whole room could come in handy in multiple ways. Not quite the same as a bed pillow, because they are smaller and slightly thicker. Comfort pillows are purely to be used for any other reason that sleeping. They could be to give your back support while sitting on a chair or to be placed at the foot of your headboard for shoulder supports. The pillow casings could be something smooth to the touch, such as silk or finely manufactured nylon. Both these are soft so you can lean on them with your elbows and put your feet up on them, without your skin being pinched under your body weight.

Investing in a cloud

It’s time to ditch the hand-me-down or the mattress you inherited when you moved in, and properly invest in a high-quality product. John Ryan by Design has many ranges of mattress that all employ bespoke design characteristics. You tailor your spongy cloud, precisely to your needs by altering the spring tensions across the entire mattress. You could also have half-and-half styles, with different spring tensions that split down the middle. This is one area of the bedroom you should not go cheap on because when you’re lying down, your weight needs to be supported, especially your pelvic structure, and the neck vertebra.

Flexible sheets

For that hotel experience, you should get rid of those starch-riddled bed sheets, and by some flexible cotton sheets. However, for one step further, you could do better with linen, because it’s self-sufficiently thermo-regulating. This material absorbs moisture but stays cool having a hygroscopic effect. Linen is world-renowned to aid sleep and soothe any skin irritations, achieving a more relaxed sleeping experience.

Many people equate the most comfortable room in the home to be the living room or the lounge. The bedroom should be more than a room, purely for sleep. It could be made into the most comfortable space in the home, so be creative, and experiment with different decor and styles that incorporate delicate textures.

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