Luxury Gas Fires from CVO Fires!


Regular visitors to my blog will know that I am slowly, but surely ticking off jobs which need completing, and with the kitchen complete – the next room I plan on concentrating on is the living room. Growing up, we always used to gather round a wood burning stove at home, and although a wood burning stove wouldn’t work in my current house (messy, no chimney etc) I do miss having a fire. This naturally led to me researching Flueless Gas Fires, and hey presto – I stumbled across CVO.

These ‘open flame’ gas fires are all-handmade by CVO in their North East factory, and require no chimney of flue system to be installed. They are 100% energy efficient and are very quick and easy to install. A range of styles are available, and there are many contemporary and classic designs to choose from.

The design I am leaning towards is the Azar, this fire has a black glass or steel fascia in a portrait setting, giving a classy yet generous style. These fires used Ceramut Burner Technology, which creates a sparkling sea of blue and yellow flames, which really do dance across the surface of the fire. There’s also no need for a glass front, so you can really enjoy seeing the flames.

The full range of luxury gas fires can be seen at the CVO website:

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