Top 4 Best Focal Points For The Living Room!


If you feel like something is missing in your living room but can’t quite put your finger on it, then it may be the lack of a focal point. Every room should have one, as it creates a feature – something that draws the eye in immediately because it is visually pleasing.

There are various ideas that you could use, but you shouldn’t go overboard either; otherwise they will overpower a room and end up looking messy – you don’t want that. Essentially you want control over what stands out in your living room, and what blends in.

Here are the top 4 focal points that can be used in your living room.

Interesting light source

Lighting is so important in any room, so to make it a feature, it has to be extra dramatic. This doesn’t necessarily mean by changing the light bulb to a red or blue one (although you could if you wanted to!) But it’s about focusing on what is holding the light. – What makes the light shade stand out from others in your home? Chandeliers are a good move, and they’re impossible to overlook as they dazzle around a room. Another cool idea is investing in a cluster of lights that group together and hang at all different levels, giving a quirky vibe to the space.

Regal sofa

Believe it or not, a sofa can be a focal point if you have something worth looking at. A vintage chesterfield sofa is an excellent option as it holds a lot of history within its structure. These are the kind of sofas that would have been found in fancy offices or elaborate libraries back in the day. They are not only comfortable to sit on, but look the part in a living room.

Dramatic art piece

Whether you’re a lover of art or not, an interesting sculpture will draw in the eye and leave people wanting to know more about the piece, that’s why abstract is a good option, because people can perceive it in whatever way they like, meaning it caters to everyone’s imagination as a pose to just telling them how they should look at it. Plus, it’ll be interesting for you to hear other peoples opinions on what they think it is and why.

Wall feature

If you have an empty wall in your living room – you definitely have to do something about that. This could be anything from painting a mural on it – if you’re creative you could try doing this yourself, or just hire someone in to do it instead. Or you could turn it into a photo wall full of all your memories of you and your loved ones. Turn it into a collage and keep adding to it until the wall is full of your favourite moments that have been shared with your friends and family.

Now you’ve seen what different features can be used as a focal point, decide on what works best for your own living room, and then style it accordingly.

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