Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget!

Over the last few months, I have been busy updating and upgrading my kitchen. It started with putting in a cooker hood, helping remove all the smells of cooking. Now, I am looking at a few more ‘cosmetic upgrades’. All of this work is being carried out on the lowest possible budget, and I am looking forward to showing you the results of my hard work when it’s complete.

It was dealing with Naples Components, when I purchased my cooker hood ducting that opened my eyes to the impact you can make with just a few small changes.

Lighting Upgrade

The first cosmetic upgrade has been pretty simple, I have simply swapped my old halogen downlights, into LED downlights. As well as providing a clearer light, they have made a noticeable improvement in my electric bills.


Kitchen Doors & Cabinets

I have also swapped out my old traditional cabinet handles to brand new contemporary handles. These have been really easy to swap out and have made a big impact. I chose the Waisted flat bow Handle,  at just £1.21 each, they really don’t break the bank.


Adding Accessories

My old corner optimiser was showing the signs of over ten years of work, so I replaced it with Naples Universal Blind Corner Optimiser. It fitted perfectly and certainly helps me keep on top of kitchen mess.

I also chose to get rid of the old freestanding bin and replace it with a pull out kitchen bin. Easily installed with a base fitting, this bin keeps everything nicely hidden away and out of sight. Thankfully, I have stopped wondering where the bin has gone!

My next steps…

My next round of work involves replacing small appliances such as the toaster, kettle and microwave with more modern looking products. Perhaps in a matching set. I also want to investigate replacing my worktops, or having a granite ‘layer’ added to the surface. If any of you have any tips on how best to upgrade a kitchen on a budget, please leave a comment!


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