At War With The Weeds!

I have weeds, tons of them.  All different shapes, sizes and colours and I have no idea where they have appeared from so quickly. I did however, think that the problem was 99% sorted when I chucked a spray bottle of weed killer into my trolley at the supermarket. Liberally spraying it around, I waited for it to take effect, it didn’t… well it did temporarily discolour some nettles.  Looking at the below image, I think you would agree I didn’t make significant inroads.

I thought back to A1 Lawn, who provided me with grass seed a few months back, which performed brilliantly and remembering that they sold weed killer, decided to give them a call. What followed was a very educational call, and the delivery of an effective weed killer!

I learn that what I actually needed to tackle the nettles is a systemic weed killer, which when applied to the weed gets absorbed into the plants roots. These weed killers then prevent growth and kill the plant by reducing proteins and chlorophyll. Blocking the weed from getting any nutrients from the soil.

As this systemic weed killer is so topical, it’s been great to use in the garden – where I actually do want some plants! It’s so topical in fact, as an experiment – I killed a dandelion in the middle of my lawn, with 0 negative impact for the surrounding grass. Systemic weed killers take around a fortnight to take full effect.

I have also invested in one of the Hi Iron Buckets, which when diluted with water becomes a great moss killer, helping clear out the garden further! Thanks again A1 Lawn for brilliant service, information and products – saving me from chucking more money away on supermarket sprays!


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