The Reasons Why Your Family Should Be Travelling To Scandanavia!

If you’re looking for somewhere for a family holiday, then why not think about visiting a Scandinavian country? They can often get overlooked as an option because they are often thought of as being too cold with not a lot to do. There may not be palm trees swaying in the breeze, but there are plenty of other reasons to go there. If you want well preserved natural sites, with stunning architecture, and great food, then look no further than Scandinavia. It is even better that it isn’t too long of a flight from the UK. So makes it a good option for younger children too.


If you hit the capital of Copenhagen, then you’ll be in for a treat. So many shops, restaurants, and historic sites to see. In summer you can take your time to explore and walk by the river, for instance. In winter, the temperature does drop, but as long as you wrap up warm, you can still enjoy it all. You also can’t forget about Legoland if you’re planning a trip to Denmark. The original Legoland is a fun place to visit, full of fun for any little Lego fanatics that you might have.


Finland often gets overlooked for countries like Iceland instead. But it has plenty to offer for families looking to get away. For me, you can’t think of Finland without thinking of Lapland. The two just go together, right? So winter could be a good time to visit if you fancy spotting some reindeer when you’re away. It could be a good chance to see the Northern Lights too; a must on the bucket list of many people. If you did, then I think the best way to see it all has to be by booking Northern Lights igloos to stay in. You can’t miss them when you can see out of the roof!


To experience something really unique, then visit Iceland next month. From June, we are halfway through the year. So that means twenty-four-hour daylight. Something pretty special to experience. It could prove tricky with little ones when it doesn’t get dark. But I’m sure the hotels cater for this with blackout blinds, for example. With volcanoes to explore and hot springs to swim in, it is easy to see why Iceland has become quite a trendy country to visit of late.


You just have to say Norway, and I immediately think of fjords. A cruise around them could be one way to see it all in style. I don’t think you can class yourself as having gone to Scandinavia without a boat trip around the coast of Norway. Pulpit Rock is also an amazing wonder to behold, so you can add that to the list.


How can I not mention Sweden? First of all, it has a hotel made of ice. So you can imagine yourself staying in true James Bond style. Stockholm is an amazing and vibrant city too, with a real laid back feel.

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