Home Improvements That Save Your Money!

Every once in a while we fantasize about renovating the house, either to freshen up the interiors or change them altogether. The only thing stopping us is the thought of blowing our savings on what might essentially be a vanity project. After all, if there’s nothing really wrong with the house then we should be saving the money for bills and other necessities. If only there were a way the renovations could pay for themselves. Wait, there is! While you will have to spend a lot of money up front, the following improvements will basically pay for themselves with the money you save on energy bills, or by increasing the value of your property.

Double glazing

During winter, you assume your energy bills go up because you’re turning up the thermostat to keep the house warm. Unfortunately, you might as well be throwing your money out the window because that’s where most of your heat is escaping. Double pane windows and other vinyl frames are much better than single pane windows and aluminum frames. Upgrading doesn’t have to cost much either, as there are plenty of installation companies willing to give you a good quote. Spread the cost of double glazing, and you can pay it off with the money you save on energy bills. Your neighbors will also thank you as this can reduce the noise that escapes outside.

Modern boiler

Older boilers are one of the worst offenders when it comes to wasted energy. It probably wastes about 35 percent of the fuel it uses, it’s often unreliable, and it’s most likely reaching the end of its life. Simply put; it’s an ineffective, financial black hole and you need a new one immediately. It might seem expensive initially, but you can get a quote from the boiler network, and spread the cost over a period that suits you. In the long run, you will save money on your heat and water bill, so the price won’t seem too steep if you think of it in those terms.

Adding an extra bedroom

Adding an extra bedroom could really bring your home together. If you have a large attic, this project might not be as expensive as you think. Remodeling Magazine estimates that this project would cost an average of just under $46,700, and you can save even more by doing some of the work yourself. If you ever decide to sell your home, this renovation will pay for itself by adding to the value of your home. Even if you don’t plan to sell your house anytime soon, you could still pay off the renovations by taking on a lodger.

Building a deck

An excellent project for the summer is building a deck. The deck will add value to your home should you ever decide to sell. In fact, decks have become so popular that the market has produced huge variety of products built for outdoor living, from fire pits and fireplaces to outrageously comfortable seating arrangements.

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