Cheap Chic Bathroom Cheats!

The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your home.  It has to deal with both heat and damp and often in a confined space.  It is also the most overlooked room in the house and is often the last one to make the home improvement list.

Cheap bathrooms can be stylish bathrooms with a little imagination and time.  The great thing is that bathrooms are usually the small heroes of the home so you can make it bold again in just a weekend and still have money left over for a sunday night takeaway.


Treat your bathroom to a May makeover with these cheap but chic ideas.


 When you think about bathroom walls you probably think tiles. Bathroom tiles are easy to keep clean and are a good response to the warm, damp atmosphere but if you don’t want the hassle of tiling your bathroom or would like a different look then there are lots of options that are perfect for your bathroom.  If you provide enough ventilation there is no reason you can’t choose a pretty wallpaper (pre-pasted) to bring your bathroom walls to life. Everything from textured prints to bold patterns; you can really create something interesting that will draw the eye and give your bathroom a more expensive feel for less.  You could also choose to paint your walls with bold, deep colours that will add warmth to a small space.


Case out any mold and give your bathroom an instant makeover by painting tired ceilings with a mold resistant paint that will work hard to keep your bathroom in good condition.


If you have inherited a tired vinyl floor why not give it a new lease of life without spending a fortune. Try painting it to create a tile effect or use stencils for a custom pattern.  Make sure you use a primer and several layers of polyurethane as a top coat to prevent it from getting moldy.


 Another great way to add some style to your bathroom is to get creative but if you’re worried about expensive art being ruined by the damp why not create your own artwork to put on the walls. Cut pictures out of magazines and put them in second hand picture frames for a cheap alternative or better still create your own pictures so that you can add art on a budget.  If your walls are not suitable for hanging pictures why not consider bringing art in by adding tile stickers or choosing a printed shower curtain.  If you are really creative you could even design your own shower curtain, simply buy some canvas fabric, paint your design on and seal it like you did the floor using several coats of polyurethane to turn your blank canvas into a personal piece of bathroom art.

Customise your look with a vintage soap dish. Image from Cheap Home Decors


Last but not least why not finish your beautiful new bathroom off with some eye-catching accessories and finishing touches such as matching towels and bath mats. You can get everything you need online and delivered in time to complete your cheap, chic bathroom makeover.

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