Shower Review: Bristan Artisan Evo Digital Thermostatic Shower!

Shower Review: Bristan Artisan Evo Digital Thermostatic Shower

My more regular readers will know that I am slowly but surely carrying out a number of home improvements, from replacing halogen lights with LED’s to investing in new kitchen equipment! I am really happy with my home décor, it’s just a matter now of improving some of my fixtures and fittings!

As part of this process, I have finally taken the plunge (no pun intended) and purchased a new Digital Shower. Although Digital Showers are some of the most expensive showers you can buy, they combine the very best in shower design with precise temperature controls, which can also be installed wirelessly, meaning I don’t have to stand under the shower and get blasted with cold water! Compatible with all types of water systems, digital showers work in the same way to mixer showers, but offer more touchscreens, LED displays and wireless connectivity.

Looking online I remembered that my other half had ordered some shower spares from a company called The Shower Doctor to inject some life into our older model! I remembered the service was good, as well as the pricing so visited the site and quickly found the Bristan Artisan Evo Digital Shower with 49% off. After a quick phone call to ask a few questions about the installation, it was ordered and delivered promptly.

The shower looks and performs brilliantly. Its space saving designs make it a sleek addition to the bathroom, and showers are now much, much more enjoyable! Would recommend this model shower and also the Shower Doctor for anybody looking for new showers, or spares/ upgrades for their existing shower.

The Shower Doc Website can be found here:

***This post was in exchange for a review***

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