Richardson Removals- A Friends Review!


Richardson Moving & Storage (A friend’s review)

OK, I haven’t moved anywhere. However a very close friend who lives in the North East has just moved from Teesside down to Birmingham with work. Moving the full contents of her five bedroom house in the process! On catching up on the latest gossip, I asked how the move went and she began telling me about the removal firm she used – Richardson Removals & Storage.

I don’t usually post blogs about companies I haven’t directly used, but decided to give them a feature as they were so pleased with how easy these guys made the moving experience. Having researched the company, their five star reviews seem to confirm her review! So I thought I would give them a feature on the off chance that any of my readers moving across the UK or overseas need their services. I shall now pass you over to the words of my friend…

Even thinking of the move down to Birmingham with my three kids and all of their associated goods made me feel ill. Fortunately Richardson Moving & Storage were recommended to me by a friend and from the very initial consultation, they provided a brilliant service. Visiting our home to discuss the move and the logistics in more detail, my mind was quickly put at ease. We decided to go the whole hog and take them up of their offer of a full packing, removals and unpacking service, meaning that could concentrate on entertaining the kids and showing them the new area. Arriving at our new home with everything in its right place was perfect. Even the kid’s beds were put up! Having operated since the 1940’s, the removal teams really know their stuff, and I don’t doubt that the company will enjoy another 70 years of success.

Really can’t thank the team enough, and thanks to Marie for letting me include this on her blog!

For those looking for more information about Richardson Moving & Storage, their company history can be found here:

***This post is in exchange for a friends review***

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