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Designer Lighting: My Favourite Five!

Lately, I have been turning my attention to the lighting in my home. Although it hadn’t really crossed my mind too much before, a few years ago since industrial lighting went ‘mainstream’ I have been looking at how I can use lighting to enhance the aesthetics of my home. Whilst browsing some options, I thought it would be good to show you my top 5 designer lights, which are all tempting me at the moment!

David Hunt – Reclamation Ceiling Pendant!

This pendant light is perfect for kitchens, especially those with high ceilings. It features a wide brimmed shade, which can be specified in either black or Costwold cream braided cable. Each light has a copper effect inner, which adds a luxurious feel. I really feel that this light would bring style to any space, but would work particularly well in airy spaces.

ParkBrass Alchemy Table Lamp!

ParkBrass design and manufacture a stunning range of decorative table lamps which all have their own unique design. One of my personal favourites is the Alchemy lamp, well… just look at it.

LED Lighting!

One thing I have been doing is replacing all Halogen lights and bulbs with LED lights. These lights not only provide a better quality of lighting, but can save a decent amount of money off electricity bills over a relatively short space of time. I have particularly benefited from installing Sycamore Lighting Arezzo LED Cabinet Light.

David Hunt Antler Wall Lights!

I absolutely adore the lights. I have seen them now in both modern properties and older properties and have to say, they work equally well in both. There is also a wider range of Antler Lights from David Hunt which encompass Table and Ceiling lights.

David Hunt Antler Ceiling Light!

So, naturally my favourite ceiling light is pretty expensive. At the very head of the David Hunt range lies the Antler Emperor 8 Light Ceiling Light. Hand painted in David Hunt’s workshop deep in the Cotswolds, this stunning fitting again complements both modern and traditional homes.

Love Lights

I found all of the above sights online at, they stock a range of designer lighting from the world’s leading lighting brands. Their pricing is excellent, with a wide range of sale and discounted items, and they even have a warehouse if you want to see the lights up close and personal.

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