Kids Bean Bags- Review!

Kids Bean Bags : My 3!

No kid’s bedroom is complete without plenty of spaces for them to sit and chill, the perfect place for them to chat and socialise, read a book or play video games. As with everything these days, the choice of what to buy is astounding, as is the place where you can buy it from. I have used Children’s Rooms now for a number of years for all of my kids bedroom ‘stuff’ and find their service, product and pricing all good enough for me not to spend hours searching online for products which are available on their site.

As part of my purchases, I have bought three beanbags, two for Justin and one for Madison – although they do have to compete with the cats for space on them occasionally! Here they are:

Marvel Avengers Bean Cube – Heroes!

Brightly coloured with sharp images, the bean bag cube has a side dedicated to each team, including Spiderman, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor. It also doubles as a pretty good footstool when lounging around on the sofa!

Marvel Avengers Justice – Bean Cube

Perfectly complimenting the other Avengers Bean Cube, this Marvel Avengers Justice bean cube is brightly coloured and has an all over comic strip design, which features Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, as well as the Marvel logo.

Shopkins Bean Bag – Jumble

No guesses as to who this was bought for… This Pink Shopkins Bean Bag features a load of Shopkins dotted all over on a pink and white polka dot background.

You can view the full range of Kids Bean Bags from Children’s Rooms here:

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