Grass Seed For A Shady, Played On Lawn!

If you are anything like me, you have been busy attending a neglected garden during the recent spells of good weather we have had! As well as tidying up the borders and fighting the weeds that are inevitability sprouting up. This year, because I have been so busy, I have decided to clear the borders in my garden and seed them – meaning less maintenance in the long run.

Unfortunately my garden lies in an area of shade, and I have struggled in the past with grass seed ‘taking’ I was recommended A1 Lawn by a friend who discovered them on Amazon and had some good experience with their A1 lawn Platinum Pro Grass Seed. This seed is certified to be the very best seed available on the market, with its ingredients scoring the highest possible rating on the STRI index.

I ordered a bag in March and spoke to their customer services team, who happily took me through the options and what the best product for me would be. I am happy to report that the seed is now covering the border and looks brilliant, even the kids running over it hasn’t stopped its progress.  The next steps is to order some Wildflower Seed to inject some colour into the garden.

I will keep you posted with progress. The A1 Lawn website can be found here:

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