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Indian Décor: My Favourite Five

I have always loved Bohemian and Indian Décor, the way that these products and themes fit within any house to create a relaxing and captivating environment has always impressed me. The only issue is finding a reliable supplier, I have waited around three months for packages to be delivered from far flung countries – and have always wanted to avoid the very ‘samey’ bohemian décor from large high street chains in the UK. When I was approached by Eyes of India to review some of their products and review their range, I just couldn’t say no. So here is my favourite five items.

Mandala Tapestries

The Mandala Tapestry, more commonly known as an elephant tapestry is a fantastic way of adding colour to any room. They look perfect on walls, beds and even ceilings, I use mine as a bedspread and absolutely adore it. These tapestries are all made in Sanganer, India so their craftsmanship is second to none. They are both beautiful and genuine.

Chindi Rugs!

Eyes of India also stock a wide range of Rugs, all traditionally made in Chindi, which is in Jaipur. The Chindi rugs are made from combining scraps of many different types of fabric, in a wide range of vibrant colours. The fabric included within these rugs include cotton, silk and wool. They make a hard wearing, beautiful floor piece.


Imported directly from independent Indian craftsmen, Eyes of India boast a wide range of Bohemian and Indian pillows. They complement a bohemian themed room perfectly, whilst also adding a dash of colour to more neutral rooms. They are perfect on sofas, beds and even your favourite chair.

Floor Cushions!

Indian Floor Cushions are the perfect way to add extra comfortable seating to a room, without taking up too much space. I always like to think of them as better, prettier versions of bean bags! Available in a wide range of incredible patterns and colours, they can suit almost any room theme.


Well… my favourites wouldn’t be complete without a little treat for myself. Luckily, Eyes of India supply a wide range of authentic Indian Scarves, again made by local Indian craftsmen. These really are beautiful pieces which receive a lot of compliments, suiting almost any outfit.

Eyes of India has been sourcing, designing and producing a wide and eclectic range of beautiful items for you and your home since 2008. Priding themselves on customer service and authentic local products, you can find out more about them here.

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