How To Deal With A Child Who Doesn’t Listen- Qutee Croudsourcing Discussion!

All children defy their parents on occasions, especially my son Justin. For the last year or so we have been having problems with his behavior, trying to tell us what to do etc. It all started when Justin was in Nursery, they refurred him to the Health visitor and it all went from their! We are now under the Hospital for Justin now to see if they can help us out with his behavior and aggression as it’s getting out of control.

Dealing with this sort of behavior is totally out of the question, I have made a post on Qutee for discussion on How to deal with a child who doesn’t listen, for other parents to answer my questions. If you have a question that you would like answering why not pop over to Qutee and sign up to their website!

We always show Justin respect. We never show aggression around him, we have been told to be calm when talking to him, we have found that to be working now.

We always reward him when he is obedient and respectful. Giving your child a positive feedback shows cooperation and peaceful resolution of disagreements. These positive efforts will always be more successful than punishment.

Qutee – A Bloggers Alternative To Crowdsourcing

I was recently asked by a new data gathering website, Qutee – an online portal that allows registered users to pose any question of their choice, and then gather responses and opinions from other registered users. It is completely free of charge to use, and the data and viewpoints you collate can be used to discover the consensus on an issue, as well as start a discussion and debate. Users could be fellow bloggers or simply other registered users sharing their opinions.

I also joined the Parenting101 hub on Qutee, this is a hub for parents and for parenting bloggers to discuss issues what needs answering! I am glad to be on board both of the hubs answering questions & answers, I definately recommend this site to others!


***This post is in collaboration with Qutee, all thought and opinions are my own.***

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