Cheat Your Way To A Designer Kitchen!

A nice kitchen tops most of our lists when searching for a new home, above any other room in the house including the bedrooms.  This is because the kitchen is at the heart of the household. It’s not just a place where food is cooked and shared, it is also the arena where family life is played out. Getting that perfect kitchen can be expensive though as well as inconvenient whilst the work is being done. If you want an expensive looking kitchen without handing over lots of money and time then try following these simple style tips.

It’s all in the layout

A perfectly laid out kitchen screams high end design.  Professional kitchen designers use the golden triangle as a rule for making a kitchen more usable and to look good.  This triangle describes the footprint between your stove, sink and refrigerator. If you get these three kitchen items placed on the triangular your kitchen will look like it has been expertly designed.

Height of fashion

If you have the room above why not try stacking kitchen cabinets to not only add practical storage space but to make your kitchen look much bigger than it is.  Fill your kitchen to the ceiling and you will reduce the amount of floor space being used for storage thus providing opportunities to add a table or extended work surface to give yourself the ideal country house kitchen.

Splash out

Your stove backsplash is a prime piece of kitchen real estate because it is the perfect opportunity to add style and personality without forking out for a completely new look.  If you want to add instant value to your humble kitchen splash out on marble or slate tiles to give yourself that chic designer feel.

It’s all in the details

The little details can really make a big difference in the kitchen. Things like designer cabinet door handles and kitchen taps and the latest white goods can add an expensive feel to your kitchen without changing anything else. Invest in the little things and you can make a big impact.

Lighten up!

The right lighting can add cash to your kitchen’s look.  Go for good lighting coverage without being stark and consider spot lights to banish the shade from tricky areas. An over-sized designer light fitting will draw the eye for a dramatic style statement.

Floor it

Choose natural effects such as wood and tiles for a clean, expensive look.  If you can’t afford real wood, faux is perfectly acceptable as long as it is laid tight and given a smooth, polished finish. If you go for tiles such as ceramic or slate then lay tiles out on the diagonal to add visual inches to your floor space.

Long-term investment

Another area to consider investing is the kitchen sink. A more expensive sink will not only look better it will last longer too. A well shaped, sparkling sink is a must to cheat your way to the perfect designer kitchen.

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