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How to Pick the Best Flooring Design for Your Rooms!


How to Pick the Best Flooring Design for Your Room!

Flooring solutions are an investment but with a screed floor lasting such a long time, it can be tough making a design decision that you know will be in situ for a long time. What happens if you get it wrong?! Here are the 7 steps to get the right flooring solutions in your property.

#1 The Look

Style is an individual decision. We all have different likes and dislikes; hence they tend to be the guiding principles in design and flooring decisions.

But, you also need to consider what would suit the room or the space. For example, you may assume that a concrete floor is hard and unforgiving, but perfect for use in bathrooms and kitchens because they are easy to clean.

With the right design and finish, polished concrete floors can look great in any room.

#2 The Space

How big or small is the room? There is no doubt that the dimensions of a room or space affect the final design and style decisions.

Consider, in particular, the light in the room alongside its dimensions. Is there light pouring into a small space, or is it a cavernous room, with little natural light? Or vice versa?

Don’t forget that dark colours absorb light and with the floor being such a large expanse in a room, it could suck in all the light there is. This means a small room becomes smaller and a bigger room not as open and light.

Mid-tone colours of flooring bring warmth into a space, whilst light colours – such as a white marble effect – bring more light.

#3 Needs Within a Room

We use different rooms in different ways. But in them all, we want a flooring solution that is easy and simple to keep clean. And hygienically clean too.

Hard flooring is the perfect solution for a super-clean home. All it takes is a quick flick of a soft brush, followed by a mop with warm, soapy water and your hard floor is hygienically clean.

Better still, with some materials, there is a natural resistance to stains, smells and scuff marks. By regularly cleaning hard floors, dust mites and other allergens are kept to a minimum, perfect for when you or someone you know has allergies or asthma.

#4 The Material

The UK has long had a love affair with wall-to-wall carpet but now, there are other materials coming to the fore.

This is because they offer the same level of warmth and insulation as carpet, but are super-easy to keep clean. And, unlike other materials, can be used in a way that creates unique designs and finishes in a home.

Liquid floor screed is one of the materials that can create beautiful flooring solutions and finishes, exactly as you want it.

#5 The Colour

We’ve hinted at the importance of colour in respect of light. But what about in terms of complementing or contrasting with the interior of your home or business?

With a liquid screed floor, there are many options. You can opt for a light marble finish, or a warm beige, flecked finish. Or why not opt for a dramatic natural slate finish with screed flooring?

#6 The Finish

Pattern as part of hard flooring is not something you may have considered. But pattern plays an important role in emphasising the dimensions of a room.

For example, large patterns work in larger spaces as they don’t close the space down too much. In a smaller space, smaller patterns provide an illusion of the space being bigger than it actually is.

Did you know, you can apply the same principle to flooring? In a small space, such as bathroom, why not opt for a concrete floor, with a small tile imprint? Or, in a larger room, enjoy the look of ‘wooden planks’ to emphasis the space.

#7 Customise it

In some respects, some flooring solutions are the same from one home to another, from one business premises to another.

If you want to create something unique, you need to customise it. And with liquid screed flooring, you can do exactly that. Create patterns or edging of contracting colours with ease. In other words, don’t settle for the ordinary. Create a talking point with your floor.

In summary

Liquid screed floors are beautiful and practical. They are easy to clean, they are perfection in that they can be customised to fit your home. There are few limitations with this type of flooring: they can be installed in the smallest or the biggest room.

Even better is that as a robust flooring solution, they are within budget too. What could be better?

Midland Screed Flooring are an expert liquid screed floor installer, providing flooring solutions to domestic and business clients across the country.



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