Ti Amo Bundle – Review!

Can you think of a much better gift to have than flowers? I surely can’t!

Flowers suit every occasion, they are beautiful, hand picked and always arranged the way you want them to be!

I have been lucky enough to be sent a lovely bouquet by Prestige Flowers, I opted for the next day delivery and the next day came and they were here!  They were brought right to my door in a lovely designed box.

Prestige Flowers sent me a bouquet from their Valentines range, I received the Ti Amo Bundle which are absolutely gorgeous!

The Bundle contained:

Ti Amo Bouquet, a beautiful love heart balloon but I asked for the ”JUST FOR YOU” balloon instead and a 175g box of delicious Luxury Belgian Chocolates.

Also included was a free box of 48g Handmade British Truffles!

Lovely note from Michael, the Prestige Manager!

There were twelve beautiful roses surrounded by red berries, held together in a sleek black and grey bouquet placed in a black gift bag with luscious long handles for easy handling. There was also food on the bottom of the bouquet to put in your vase added with water for your bouquet to last a certain amount of time, so far my bouquet has lasted 4 days, fingers crossed they last the full 7 days!

With Valentines Day just around the corner why not send a beautiful bouquet of flowers like this to someone you love! Give yourself the reassurance of knowing you’ve ordered for your loved one and the bouquet will be beautiful, fresh and well presented… so what are you waiting for, order them now:

Prestige Flowers Valentine Day Range

Overall, I am very pleased with Prestige Flowers, they are a smooth and easy flower delivery service to use from start to finish.

Their site is quick and simple to use, with many options of bouquets and different flowers. The flowers themselves are fresh, beautiful and gracefully arranged, delivered straight to your door in a stylish box…plus next day delivery!

I will definitely be using Prestige Flowers for all my orders again!

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