Saying No To Night-Time Nappies!


Remember – Night Time training isn’t automatic!

If you are concerned that your day-trained little one is still in nappies at night, don’t worry. Just because a child is dry during the day doesn’t mean they should be automatically dry at night. On average, the majority of little ones are around 3.5 or 4 years of age before they are reliably dry at night.

Even if your child is dry at night from an early age you may find they have the odd accident. This is normal and nothing to worry about. Even older children have accidents occasionally, caused by illness, nightmares or over-tiredness.


Signs your child may be ready for night-time training!

As you know, each child is different and milestones happen at different times. Your child may be ready for night-time training if:

They ask not to wear a night nappy or night-pants, or they remove them during the night.

Night nappy/pants are only slightly damp in the morning, rather than full.

Night nappy/pants are dry for 2-3 nights in a row.

Your child wakes in the night to go to the toilet by themselves, or asks you to help them go.

If your child is showing one or all of the above signs, you may want to begin night-training!

How do I start night-time toilet training?

Preparation is key!

Explain to your child what they’ll need to do in the night now they no longer have night nappies/pants. Talk about going to the toilet – be encouraging and offer lots of praise and support.

Let it be an adventure – let your child feel excited about being grown-up! Try not to apply too much pressure. How do I start night-time toilet training?

Accidents will happen – Talk to them about accidents and how it’s not a big deal, and they might happen if they don’t get to the toilet in time. Invest in a quilted waterproof mattress protector to put underneath your child’s usual bedsheets. These really will save your mattress and endless sleepless nights.

Encourage good toilet habits

Make sure that your little one uses the toilet right before bed; make this part of the bedtime routine so it becomes second nature.

Let your child know that the bathroom light or hallway light will be on – it may be an idea to leave their door open a little in those early days so they can find their way to the toilet in their sleepy state. Get your child into the habit of going to the toilet once they wake up. In the morning, bladders are full and for little ones who are just learning night toilet-training this can be the time they have an accident.

Restricting fluids is not necessary

You don’t need to restrict drinks before bedtime, especially in the summer when they can get dehydrated, but do keep your eye on how much they’ve drunk. Stick to milk or water before bedtime as some children are more likely to have a wet bed after drinking sugary or fizzy drinks.

The key to successful night-time toilet training is to try not worry about it. It will come in time and it really is an individual thing, not an age thing. Go by your child and don’t compare them to others.

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