Incentivize Your Kids The Right Way To Get Results Faster!

As a Mom, it can get tiring trying to get your kids to listen. Whether it’s to pick up their laundry or to brush their teeth before beds, not every child is the perfect angel with an adult’s initiative (unfortunately for us all). But that doesn’t mean they can’t be.

It also doesn’t mean that you have to work extremely hard to make it happen either. Instead, you need to work on an incentivization scheme that will work wonders. Bribery never works in the way you want it too and sometimes rewards can get all too familiar, so you can find a nice middle group and work with incentives instead.

Incentivize Sparingly!

First up, you’re going to want to take this part in, recite it over and over to yourself and make sure it sticks. Always use incentivization sparingly. If you start throwing it around every day for cleaning, eating, and behavior, it’s likely that your kid will start to get a little lax. Instead of doing it all the time with everything, use it for the things that count.

Use Something They Love!

Next, you’re going to want to work out exactly what that incentive is. Some people choose food, but that can honestly lead to an unhealthy attitude towards food and seeing certain foods as a reward. Others may choose toys, but again, rewarding behavior might fall into place, and your child could expect a present every time they’re good. So, why not choose something they’re passionate about as the incentive, such as a movie night or trip to the movies, sports tickets or even a good book.

Speak Softly!

Then you’re going to want to think about delivering the incentive. Say you’re child isn’t eating all of their meals. If a regular meal chart isn’t working, why not say that if they get a start for each day of the week (meaning they’ve eating their meals for seven days in a row), they will get the decided upon incentive. But, they key is in how you speak to them. Don’t scream, don’t shout, but speak softly, lovingly, and encouragingly, it might just get them interested and excited.

Reward Them!

When it comes to handing over the incentive, or even working it out, you might want to think of a way to reward them in another way. If they’ve listened to you and done exactly what you asked and earned their incentive, why not reward them on top for their efforts? It’s not something that you’ll want to do often, but it can help to show that listening to you and behaving well works. It can be particularly effective if you’re trying to encouraging them in sports. Order a trophy or medal online, like many of the styles seen on the TrophiesPlusMedals Website, and personalise it for them as an extra well done.

Encourage and Educate!

And, just like as a way to steer your child is one direction or another, you can also use incentives to encourage and education them too. Say you’re trying to educate your kid on areas of life. You can use incentives to help them when teaching them about money or how to do chores. Incentives don’t have to be for bad behavior, they can also reward good behavior too.

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