Christmas Panic? Tips For The Perfect Last Minute Gifts!

Time flees in front of us and it never stops! The Romans used to call it ’Tempus Fugit’. We can simply refer to it now as the Great Christmas Panic. Every year, it is the same for millions of individuals: There is barely enough time to think of everything as the Christmas countdown starts. Between the pressure at work to finish all the projects of the year, the long list of Christmas presents for the kids, and the Christmas pudding to prepare, there are always a few names that you forget until it is almost too late. Only one thing can save you now, and this is the perfect guide to last-minute gifts!


Don’t panic!

#1 Time For Preparation!

You’ve suddenly remembered that you forgot to buy your in-laws’ a gift? Or is it your sister? Or maybe someone else? Don’t worry. Your first impulse might be to run outside to the first shop, but you will need to fight. Make a cup of tea, take a blank sheet of paper and sit down. Time is now for thinking, and specifically for you to decide what type of persons you want to buy a present for. This first step might seem superficial but it is key that you put down on the paper the basic personality traits of each of your last-minute gifts. Is he or she a creative type? Is he/she a scientific mind? Does he/she loves nature? Can the person be described as a fitness enthusiast? Etc. You get the picture. This planning time is necessary, as this will help you to decide of the type of presents your friends and relatives will like. You have a variety of areas, such as fitness, food, fashion, travel, craft, to name but a few.

#2 Now Grab The List And Get Shopping!

Some people prefer to physically go in shopping centres, while others enjoy the peacefulness of their home via online shopping. It’s up to you what you do, and it doesn’t matter as you have already identified the key interest areas of your relatives. However, Internet browsing remains a favourite of most shoppers: Great gift ideas for all that you can buy in just a click. Additionally, most online retailers offer next day delivery which is making Christmas shopping a lot easier! No need to worry about where you’ve parked the car anymore!

#3 Make It Count, Make It Personal!

Do you know what gives away last-minute shopping? It’s the lack of care about the little details, such as forgetting the price tag on the box, for example. Another dead giveaway is letting the staff in the shop wrap the present for you. While this may seem like a good idea that saves a little time in the long-term, it makes your gift look impersonal and less thoughtful. So make sure to get crafty this Christmas, even for last-minute presents. It doesn’t matter if your wrapping skills are not exceptional, or if your handwriting looks terrible. What matters is that it’s something in which you have invested time, even only a few minutes. It will make all the difference for those who receive your presents!

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13 thoughts on “Christmas Panic? Tips For The Perfect Last Minute Gifts!

  1. I’ve had my other half’s presents all bought since the end of October. It’s my wife’s birthday in November, and also our wedding anniversary. I buy *all* the presents before then. It’s the only time I’m organised with anything!

  2. I have to admit, I am a big planner but I do like shopping just before Christmas for last minute things too 🙂

  3. I love the last point. It is so obvious when you get last minute presents. We all know it’s hard to buy them sometimes. Time goes so quickly. I sometime have to buy or send last minute and always make sure to make it extra personal by wrapping it personally and with little extras inside. x

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