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101 ways to entertain your kids this festive season !


‘Tis the season to be jolly. This time in the year offers a perfect opportunity to show your kids just how magical holidays can be and get your own fair share of the said magic. You want your kids to enjoy themselves and appreciate the beauty of Christmas, but, as we all know, kids get bored with the same repetitive activities pretty fast. So, it would be best to have several ideas for their entertainment up your sleeve. Take a look at the following fun and engaging activities that you can partake in together with your kids. You might get inspired for some quality festive family time more than ever.

Bake some cookies

Christmas cookies are essential during the holiday season. The shapes, colors and scents are very appealing to the kids as well. So, in order to keep your little ones occupied, ask them to help you with baking. Something as interesting as holiday cookies will be right up their ally of fun. Cookies in the shape of gingerbread man, snowflakes, snowmen, bows, ornaments, etc. are something that kids dearly enjoy. You can ask for their help in using the cookie cutters or decorating the cookies. Also, if you don’t mind a little bit of mess, you can allow your kids to make cookie ornaments with flour, salt and water. Once these are dry and baked, kids can paint and decorate them however they like.


Decorate your home

Decorating your home in a festive manner is definitely something that your kids will love. Of course, they’ll need some help so make sure that you tackle this fun task together with them. This is undoubtedly a time to introduce a lot of laughter and amusement – a true family moment. With lots of balloons and ornaments for both the walls and Christmas tree, you can organize a real festive family party. Moreover, allow your kids to add different decorative bits and pieces here and there every time they express the desire to change something. That way you’ll also encourage their creativity.


DIY décor and cards

Apart from your store-bought ornaments, you can dedicate some time in a day to make your own festive décor and ornaments as well as customized holiday cards. Of course, sit down together with your kids for this interesting project. You can easily show them how to make their own décor and add personal touch to greeting cards so that they can tackle this task on their own every time they feel bored. Of course, make sure to prepare all the essentials such as a lot of decorative papers and wraps, ribbons, glitter, glue, cardboard, markers, stencils, etc.


Exciting shopping experience

This is the season when you should make the trip to the shops more exciting than ever. Taking your kids to town and visiting festively decorated stores is very fun and entertaining. If the weather allows it, you can go there on foot or take a family bike ride and you’ll definitely make some more unforgettable memories. If you happen to have one of those super useful cargo bikes, you can put your kids in it and sing holiday songs, while on your way back, it can be used as perfect storage space for an enormous amount of cuties you couldn’t resist buying. If it’s snowing a lot, instead of going by car, just think about pulling your kids on sleighs. They’ll be absolutely thrilled!


Outdoor fun

Again, if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of snow during this festive season, don’t miss the opportunity to let your kids enjoy themselves by making a snowman or snow angel. Don’t feel bad if there’s no snow where you live. Actually, you can always get artificial snow for your garden for your kids to play in.


Of course, no festive season would be complete without Christmas cartoons and movies. Therefore, make sure to have these ready and available for those lazy days and evenings when you want to curl up with your little ones and enjoy the coziness and warmth.

***This is a Guest post by Zara Lewis***

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