Yogyakarta – With A Wealth Of Attractions For The Tourists!

Yogyakarta, locally known as Jogjakarta, is a small bustling town with a million people. One of the most popular tourist destinations, the city, is the hub of art and education. It remains one of Indonesia’s most-visited cities that offers the wealth of attractions in and around it.  It is a center of Javanese arts and culture, thanks to its closeness to the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur. It is said that if Jakarta is the heart of Indonesia, Yogyakarta is its soul. Here, you can feel the perfect balance and harmony. Browse to learn about some amazing holiday tours to Yogyakarta. Explore some of the top options for lodgings, Whiz Hotel Yogyakarta, for instance.

The City Center
Yogyakarta city center is filled with local history. There are temples that date to the ninth century. Watch the traditional Ramayana ballet at Prambanan temple for the Hindu gods. Borobudur, one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world, is a must –see. Both temples are UNESCO world heritage sites.

Explore Dutch colonial past in Yogyakarta, in Jog-ja that carries an incredible energy and has its roots in the Dutch colonial period. Sultan’s Palace or Kraton is another major attraction of Yogyakarta. Arrive early to explore it to the full. Once done, make a visit to the Taman Sari water palace, which was a holiday getaway of the sultan in the 18th century. There is an open-air mosque too which is known as the “Stairway to Heaven.

A well-known landmark right in the center of Yogyakarta is the Tugu Monument. Kota Gede is an ancient Islamic Mataram capital, and the region was a central economic district of Yogyakarta before independence. It was home to the wealthy batik merchants. Kotagede is a great example of early Javanese style and the city structure. Do not forget to check out the local silver handicrafts and it is best to navigate on foot.

Yogyakarta ha plenty of museums such as Museum Affandi with several galleries of Affandi’s paintings, Museum Dirgantara which is an aircraft museum, Museum Sonobudoyo which is a Javanese archeology museum and houses Javanese artifacts. Some other museums are Museum Kekayon, Museum Batik, Museum Ullen Sentalu and more.

When it is quiet at the end of Malioboro Street, you can enjoy street chess, and this is a great way to interact with the locals. Another attraction is Gembira Loka Zoo; that boasts of an amazing variety of birds and reptiles.

Merapi Golf has been designed by international and is situated on slopes of Mount Merapi. Enjoy scenic view of the mountains while playing golf. Visit Mount Merapi, an active volcano last erupted in 2011. Enjoy Javenese specialties at the popular restaurant Warung Heru that lies on Prawirotaman Road. Some favorites with tourists are Mie Goreng and rich beef noodle soup. When it comes to shopping, you will come across many curious goods in different curious goods. Yogyakarta is well famous as the home of batik and there is a huge variety of traditional ceramics, wayang puppets, and silverware. Explore a vast range of local handicrafts and do buy some souvenirs on the way back.

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