Aquabeads Set – Review!


I was recently given the opportunity for Justin to review the Aquabeads Set, Justin loves all craft products, I have to say I think this set is more for a girl though so I am going to save it for  Madison when she reaches 4 plus. The Aquabeads retail price is £19.99, I would say that’s a great price considering what the beads do.

The Aquabeads Set contains over 600 beads in eight colours in a divided case, a base tray, eight template sheets, three base boards to place the beads on (each with a different configuration for the beads), a bead pen to help you place the beads, a sprayer to fix the design and full instructions. With this set you can make a small photo frame, a desk tidy and a variety of different pictures.

The Aquabeads are small, round, solid beads. They are placed on the tray, either with fingers or with the clever little bead pen that picks up a bead and drops it when you press a button on the side. The base boards fit nicely onto the base plate with the template underneath, and they are clear so that you can see exactly where to place the beads

The beads are very small and bouncy! Justin is 4 & 1/2 and he found the beads to be a bit fiddly to place so I had to stay with him while he did it!  I didn’t want any dropping on the floor as Madison could easily swallow them. Overall we thought the Aquabeads Set is a great product!

You can easily buy refill packs for the beads and also a variety of themed sets with different designs and project ideas!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Aquabeads Set for Justin to try out, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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