TetraUK Pop Up Shop Event In Old Street Station, London!

Recently we was all invited to a unique event on Sunday 11th of September for TetraUk event in old street underground Station, London! Justin very much enjoyed it aswell as us all. He had his arm painted as a Seahorse, joined in with the treasure hunt to win a goody bag, Free drinks & Nibbles were included too.


Aquatic pets brand Tetra is the latest company to open a pop-up store at London’s Old Street Underground Station, bringing an underwater element to the venue.




Tetra has worked with Aquatic Design Centre to create an exclusive experience that provides ‘a relaxing retreat in the heart of Tech City’. The Tetra Tranquillity Tank features aquaria holding more than 2,600 litres of water providing a temporary home to angel fish, a turtle, mixed rainbow fish and a host of other aquatic life.

It has transformed the windows of the Tetra store into the giant tanks, behind which customers can relax while listening to underwater sounds, with special effects lighting, plants and scents of herbal tea.

The brand hopes to encourage visitors to see the health and relaxation benefits of aquaria, highlighting research that shows Londoners to be working long hours and enduring stressful commutes.

The London Underground is the perfect place to create an area of tranquillity and we really hope the public take the time to enjoy everything it offers,” says Aquatic Design Centre director Aaron Mallet. “The tanks took a total of 11 days to build and three days to install and now they are happy with how the final installation looks.

For going to the event TetraUk sent me a Cascade Globe bowl, I now have it all set up and have 3 Gold Cloud Minnows in their swimming happily together!


The Cascade Globe Tank Features:


Soothing waterfall feature with a relaxing effect.

Easy to maintain: Uses Tetra Filter Cartridge to replace every 4 weeks.

8 LED lights for a powerful lighting at the top.

Single low voltage power cord powers both filter and LED light.

ON/OFF switch operates LED light.

Contains 6.8 Litres.

Modern design with efficient lighting. High quality and robust glass aquarium. Instruction leaflet included.

Make sure you feed only quality foods for healthy growth and to avoid waste. Run a partial water change each 4 weeks and use appropriate water conditioner. Replace Tetra filter cartridge (EasyCrystal FilterPack C100) every 4 weeks.

Disclaimer: we was invited to TetraUk Pop up shop event, and was given a FREE Globe Tank. All thoughts and opinions are our own!

14 thoughts on “TetraUK Pop Up Shop Event In Old Street Station, London!

  1. I totally need one of these globes in my life. I have an aquarium full of fish, though I am slightly worried about cloudy your water looks in this photo. Did you use any water conditioner or treatment?

  2. Aw this event sounds absolutely lovely! My kids would have loved it. But with 3 cats at home, unfortunately I don’t think having fish is going to be happening in the Helicopter House anytime soon! 🙂

  3. That’s so cool! I find aquariums so soothing, there’s something really hypnotic about watching fish swim around. I’ve never thought of getting fish myself but maybe I’ll reconsider 🙂

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